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Meet Natalie

Natalie is sought out by clients across the country who are looking to change their lives.

Understanding that family systems can negatively impact or block our ability to step forward into living our biggest and brightest lives.

Clearing way for those energies that are in line with your highest and greatest purpose creates forward movement toward your dreams.


She serves as a loving and trusted guide.


For who you want to be and where you want to go

Natalie Creeden

I am so excited you are here!

There is a beautiful journey ahead for your personal healing and growth.


A soulful and spiritual path that is full of love and light.

Through my career and life as a Mother, I’ve experienced profound healing and evolution through Family Constellations, Meditation and Mindfulness.

This work has profoundly changed my life, my relationships and how I show up for my children. 


I am elated to connect and be a part of your journey.

So sole intention is to support you as you find your way back to your most whole, authentic self.

With love, Natalie

Clearing patterns and traumas from your

family system



Family Constellation Therapy Facilitator

Certified Meditation Teacher from

The Chopra Center for Wellbeing

Reiki Master Teacher, Usui Reiki Lineage

Khalsa Way Prenatal Yoga Teacher

Kundalini Yoga 200Hr RYT

Family Constellation Therapy Facilitator

Certified Meditation Teacher from The Chopra Center for Wellbeing

Reiki Master Teacher, Usui Reiki Lineage

Khalsa Way Prenatal Yoga Teacher

Kundalini Yoga 200Hr RYT

Mother of 3 year old boy/girl twins

Mother with her Child

Constellation Therapy

Clearing old patterns and intergenerational trauma from your family system


Meditation &

Incorporate ease and peace into your daily life

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Services Offered

Mom connecting with child

Constellation Therapy

So often, we find ourselves feeling stuck or looping in negative emotions,

unable to clearly see the root trauma or patterns that are holding us back.


When someone in our family line experiences trauma, the next generation can unconsciously pick up the trauma and carry it themselves. From trauma with a “t”, like a busy parent being emotionally unavailble, to “T” trauma such as addiction, abuse or early deaths in the family system. All traumas can cause familial obstacles to arise, keeping you from stepping forward into the life you dream of .


FCT can identify where the trauma is stored or stuck in the family system, how you may be entangled with the trauma, and it helps to clear the trauma/belief/program so you and your family can move forward in a whole, healthy and aligned fashion.


This powerful form of therapy brings lightness, healing, clearing and resolution to people's lives.


If you have tried traditional talk therapy and are seeking more resolution, have been stuck in a rut or cycle that you can't get out of or simply want to elevate your life, Family Constellation Therapy can be an incredibly supportive tool on your journey.


Currently all sessions are virtual via Zoom or phone.


Meditation & Mindfullness

People from all over the country seek out my meditation trainings for two reasons.


  • I teach powerful practices rooted in ancient traditions, which have been used for thousands of years.

  • These practices are designed to be easefully incorporated with the busy modern lives people live.


My goal is simple: To empower you.


Through my mediation training, there is no fancy cushion, meditation app or 'thought free' mind required. I provide you with these powerful tools so that you can use them to meditate anytime, and anywhere. I teach you how to meditate, what to do with thoughts in your meditations, and provide ongoing support to help you succeed. Giving you the resources needed to decrease stress, lower anxiety, increase energy and feel more connected with yourself and others.

Concrete Wall
Concrete Wall

"My Family Constellation Sessions with Natalie have made a profound impact on my life. Her style is honest and kind, while getting to the heart of things. I feel liberated from years of conflict and confusion. And now that I'm a parent, it feels good to know my kids will have a lighter burden with their spiritual growth."

Gabrielle, Health Coach + Mom of 2

Concrete Wall


"Natalie’s work has truly changed my life. From breaking old family patterns, to clearing out constant feelings of stress and frustration. I’m a better father and husband as a result of the Family Constellations I've done with Natalie. When new things come up to be healed, she is the first person I reach out to for support."

Will, Business Owner

Concrete Wall

"We engaged Natalie for a large technology conference event and she had the entire room captivated. Her knowledge on stress management and calming presence had a lasting effect for all 250 people who attended."

Alice, Principal,

Jones Grove IT Recruiting

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